Saturday, 18 April 2015

Meeting Ray Harryhausen - Edinburgh Film Festival, 2008

I finally found the photos! Chuffed to bits!

From left to right: Diana (Ray's wife), Ray and myself.

The original Ornithomimus model from "The Valley Of Gwangi" (1969)
A hard rubber copy of the Minaton from "Sinbad & The Eye Of The Tiger" (1977)
and the original Skeleton as featured in *"The 7th Voyage Of Sinbad" (1958) and "Jason & The Argonauts" (1963).

*Ray reused the skeleton model from 7th Voyage and made another 7 duplicates, so its hard to tell which one was originally in this film.

Getting my "Art Of Ray Harryhausen" book signed by Ray and Tony Dalton (author).

A little video I made which includes some video footage I shot, mind you the video quality isn't the best.

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